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Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer/Re-seller,
(all Custom SA Branding products and services are governed by these terms and conditions)

In the case of re-sellers, by agreeing to Custom SA Quotations, you also hereby agree to abide by these same terms and conditions listed below in addition to the conditions listed on the quotation itself.
General Product Usage Terms and Conditions and Warranty
All items purchased from Custom SA are governed by our usage and warranty terms and conditions as noted below. All customers or intermediary 3rd parties who purchase any of our items agree to accept these usage terms and conditions as laid out below. By accepting our quotation, you also fully accept the terms and conditions listed on the quote as well as any other special conditions that may need to be applied specifically to your job.

1. New Warranty All items supplied by Custom SA, in line with South Africa consumer act s16 of the CPA, you have a 5 day period (cooling period) to advise CSA in writing and return the items at your own cost should you have a valid reason that the products do not meet up with your expectations. CSA offers a carry in and carry out manufacturer warranty which is strictly applied to manufacturer defects on the systems. Any defects need to be immediately identified on receipt and reported within 24 hours, back to Custom SA. It is explicitly stated that certain usage conditions such as actually using the products for the event, immediately void and return policy. Further factors such as weather (wind, rain, not fastened down properly) will also render the warranty invalid. Should a new item be returned after more than 7 days or after it has been used – the warranty is automatically voided. Please also note that the artwork proof that is provided for each job is the full and final example of what will be produced. Should a customer sign or approve an artwork proof, but fail to see any errors they may exist, then that customer will be fully liable for any re-print costs and under no circumstances try and pass the blame onto Custom SA.

2. Standard Usage Clause Due to nature and use of indoor and outdoor branding, it is important to note and fully understand: All branding products are made for short-term usage only, defined as events/expos/promotions, it is not a permanent display item nor is it a permanent sign or a permanent shade provider. Should the items be used on consecutive days or permanently, it is understood that the item will start to have normal wear and tear – this wear and tear has no warranty cover.

It is also noted that during events or promotions, the user will take sufficient steps to protect the items (ie take them down during the nights to avoid exposure to unnecessary weather conditions). It is also understood that in severe weather conditions (like high winds/rain) when they should not be used at all. To ensure maximum brand exposure, they often need to be attended to every few hours to keep them upright and to stop the fabric from twisting on the pole. Under no circumstances will Custom SA accept returns on items which are not used in accordance with the guidelines above.

2.1 Dye Sublimated fabrics Dye-sublimation is a term used for infusing polyester fabric into a constructed colour pattern/logo/wording/pictures. Polyester is an absorbent cloth and causes a colour variation between 15-25%. All colours are “eye” matched as there is no industry standard. It is very important to note fabric printing is not the same as litho-paper printing which uses Pantone or CMYK colour reference charts. Should specific colours be required, a sample colour or a reference colour must be provided. If no colour reference is supplied, Custom SA will endeavour to match the colour as close as possible, but cannot be held responsible if the end result differs slightly. Custom SA will provide a printed colour swatch for sign off on request should a colour be identified or referred to.

2.2 Fabric Type On all quotes, the type of polyester fabric to be used is described. Should any options or variations from this be required, this must be specifically noted on the order by the customer. Customers must ensure for all repeat orders that they specify the material used to match the last order. Due to the general nature of polyester fabric, as stated above, it is ideal for short-term event type use only. Lightweight products like Airteck make excellent branding tools, especially as fence wrap, but they have limitations when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

2.3 Look after your logo All custom-made branding is intended to be displayed as an ambassador to your brand – it is important that your brand is never tatty or dirty – this is a time to replace. Whilst polyester may be delicately washed, there are degrees of washing which may well harm the overall appearance; care should be taken if you decide to wash your branded items.

3. Gazebos Securing a Gazebo: Further to the clauses above, due to size and coverage, all Gazebos need to be firmly secured down at all times, using the ropes and pegs as supplied. Custom SA further indemnifies themselves against any other harm/damages that may be caused by this negligence. Gazebo canvas fabric is classified as 25% water and 25% UV resistant, but cannot be classified as 100% waterproof or a 100% UV proof. Dye Sublimation and Colours: Whilst you enjoy the positive advertising effect of your branding, the full colour branded canopy will start to fade after a certain period of time depending on how harsh the sun is or how direct the exposure is, as Gazebos are event specific and never intended to be used every day, 24/7. Repairs: Gazebos CustomSA offers a special “Repair Service” for the frame and each case is assessed and quoted on.

4. Banner Walls Banner Walls are made to be light-weight, easy to transport and easy to erect. Extreme care must be taken to ensure all clips are tied when up. When taking down, all clips are to be released. Should the wall frame be closed with 1 or more clip still joined it will immediately break. CustomSA offers a special “Repair Service” for the frame and each case is assessed and quoted on.

5. Pull Ups Every pull up is fully tested at our factory before they we send it out. The cartridge is carefully inspected. The pvc insert is pulled up and down three to four times to ensure it works smoothly and the printed face is carefully checked for any marks. It is packed in bag and box for further protection.

5.1 Special Note – pull-ups being dropped: It is often a case that a user will pull the face out from the cartridge and start to lift is against its spring load and then suddenly let go or it slips – this will show damage on the face and damage the internal springs – all warranty is voided in such cases due to user negligence.

6. Telescopic / Sharkfin and all other pole related banners As noted in point 1 & 2 above, these are for event-specific usage. The usage of ground stake is subject to the ground not being too hard to penetrate easily. It should not be forced in or bent – this will result in the warranty being voided. Specific mention of long-term or prolonged usage of both the poles and ground stake will cause them to break. No warranty will apply for ongoing usage and warranty is voided. Long-term usage is defined as more than 5 days or the night preceding 1 full day (it must be taken down at night). It is also often the occurrence that the flag will wrap around the pole in windy conditions or over prolonged usage – we do not offer any warranty against this happening.

7.Parasols Similar to outdoor gazebos, parasols need to be used as event-specific items to display branding over short periods. Dye sublimation allows 100% full-colour branding on the fabric as opposed to 1 or 2 colour spot silk screening. (This is its advantage). The disadvantage is that the canopy will start to fade after a certain period of time if used for prolonged periods and exposed to the sun. We estimate direct sun exposure for more than 90-120 days, every day all day, the fabric will start to fade. Due to large surface areas, care also needs to be taken in extreme weather conditions. Repairs: CustomSA offers a special “Repair Service” for the frame and each case is assessed and quoted on.

8. Artwork and Artwork Proofs Within the process of large format printing, it is very important to understand that the quality of the artwork is a key ingredient to the correct quality outcome of the job. Certain types of files are made only to view on a pc screen (jpeg, png). To ensure correct quality, a vector artwork file is required, which can be saved to a pdf. Files which will not work are low res jpegs, png’s, bitmaps, tiffs or any file inside a Microsoft word/excel/powerpoint document. During the process, if poor files are received, these will need to be re-created at a design fee, in order to get to correct quality needed for large format printing. A quote for the re-creation of design will be levied in this case.

8.1. Artwork Proofs With all jobs and without any exceptions an artwork proof will be drawn up to illustrate what the final artwork should appear like. The designer will best create and interpret what is required and may apply certain industry standards to the design to make it work. It is now sent to the client for approval. This is a contractual document and binding on the customer or 3rd party who signs it. Once an artwork proof is signed off/or noted on an email as approved, no come-backs will be entered into. It is the responsibility of whoever is signing off the proof to know and understand what they are signing off, the colours, the spelling, the logo or artwork shapes, as this will be what is finally printed. If anything is not clear, it is best to check before signing. Custom SA will not accept any disputes that may arise over the job after an approved artwork is received back.

9 Time Frames All job completion times start from the time the artwork proof is received and payment is made. For std jobs less than qty 10 of any item, a normal time frame is 7 days. Should the job be larger than qty 10 units, special times frames need to be agreed to. For rush or urgent jobs, again special time frames need to be agreed to and these may also carry additional overtime costs. All jobs which have stipulated time frames need to done and agreed to in writing/via email and confirmed by email from a Custom SA representative. No verbal agreements or promises will be accepted.

10. Cleaning All dye sublimated products are fully washable in warm water and with table-cloths, they do not need to be ironed. There is no warranty cover against any item getting dirty whilst being used nor can CSA be held responsible for all different types of washing methods should these washing methods alter or damage the product.

11. Product Description, Weights and Sizing CSA will at its own discretion determine how each product is described, made up and weighed. CSA will also determine both the overall products size and weight as well as the size of the printed fabrics/Pvc, this will be calculated based on the total size of the item, including all elements which make up the product (such as ground stakes). It is specifically noted that as items size is not the size of the fabric/pvc portions only.

12. Repair/Return Policy The damaged or broken item must be returned to the Custom SA factory. The damage will be assessed and an official quotation will be drawn up for the repair with a time frame. All repairs must be settled in full prior to the repair taking place. From date of repair completion, Custom SA will keep the repaired item for a maximum of 30 days only. Should items be sent in for repair/reface/new face, Custom SA cannot store these for longer than 30 days before they must be used, any time after that they will be disposed of. (this policy is valid for damaged or broken items only.)

13. General By accepting an official Custom Sa Quote or Invoice, you hereby acknowledge that you are bound to the CSA terms and conditions. All 3rd party re-sellers need to fully familiarise themselves with these conditions as they are fully responsible for these terms and conditions in respect of their own customers and are fully responsible to convey these terms and conditions onto their respective customers.

The Management
Custom Sa Branding.

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