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CUSTOM SA BRANDING.......extending your brand and advertising reach.

Started in 1995, originally known as Custom Promotions, Custom SA Branding has grown into a leading importer & manufacturer of top quality indoor and outdoor branding solutions such as pull up banners, telescopics, sharkfins, arc flags, teardrops, pop-ups, gazebos, banner walls, decals, magnetics, vinyl and pvc products. We use a dye sublimation process for all fabric printing, which is the only way to create true, high-quality vibrant prints in full colour. Our digital printing is done via a fleet of high-end Roland printers, using eco-friendly eco-sol ink, the output is the best possible. Our aim is to provide top quality branding solutions to suit all your branding needs and help you enhance your brand and advertising needs, which may give you an edge over your competition. We offer an affordable pricing approach whilst keeping our quality and service levels very high. Why not give us a try? 

Custom SA Branding is a level 2 B-BBEE supplier

OUR PRINT PROCESS...only the best will do!

We have a fleet of 8 Roland printers, 4 of them print digitally onto a variety of vinyl's, PVC substrates, contra vision, magnetic, sandblast, and coated textile material. These machines are the Rolls Royce of the industry and allow us to print full colour at over 1400 dpi, this creates photo-realistic quality on all surfaces.
We also have three large format machines producing a full dye sublimation process for our fabric banners, pop-ups and gazebos. If you think of all pattern type fabrics, (curtains, ties, scarves, upholstery), these large rolls, which were once white polyester fabric, are printed via a dye sublimation process to create a perfect full-colour image or pattern.
We can now achieve the same high-quality colour prints, with a soft fabric feel, but on 2m or 3m sections which are then cut and sewn to create fabric banners, gazebos and flags. These full-colour fabrics are fully washable and give you an amazing strike-though (you see 85% of the print) on the reverse side. This is cutting-edge technology and allows one to create full-colour images, photos or practically any design onto the fabric, far superior to the older, now out-dated silk-screen methods.
We only use the very best quality substrates such as the top class VEYRON polyester textile range (airteck, poly twirl, waterproof/UV coated polyester canvas, flagtex). In the PVC range, VEYRON has a top quality non-curl lay flat substrate which is perfect for pull up banners and hanging banners, which like older products such as Ferrari, do not curl and are long-lasting. This lay-flat substrate accentuates the print and creates an amazing end product which truly photos realistic.
In the finishing department, we have professional CMT sewers, who ensure all the banners are super strong and can withstand all conditions. We use A-Grade webbing and nylon cotton to ensure all our products are well finished and durable for all weather conditions.

OUR PEOPLE....true professionals!

Custom SA is a leading provider of talent to the industry, from top class designers to very knowledgeable finishers and machine minders. We also have a programme to train talent from bordering countries, where we have a trainer programme to produce top class sewers, designers, and finishers. Our senior management has a combined 50 years experience in marketing and are able to assist you with world-class advice and top-notch service.

OUR PRODUCTS...the very best of the best

At Custom SA, we are very particular about the products we use. They need to work properly, withstand all types of conditions and give great results. Our reputation is to offer top class, best in industry products. We have a warranty on all our frame systems and when it comes to print, we have no compromise, it must be top quality!