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Table Cloth Range

Made from the highest quality polyestor fabric, it gives you a soft feel, easy to wash and crease resistant (no ironing), this one-piece table cloth places your logo boldly out front. Table throws are a flat cloth that will lay loosely over a table to create maximum impact.

Banner wall ktm

Std Table cloth - Size 2,4mx1,4m (fits with 300mm over the edge of a std trestle table)

Full Drop Table Cloth - Fabric hangs to floor of std trestle table

Total Size 3,3mx2,2m

Box Fit Table Cloth - Takes shape of trestle table

Looks like a box fit - total size 3,3m x 2,2m

Round Table Cloth (Based on table size)

Up to 2,4mx2,4m

Runner - fits over tablecloth to enhance a plain colour. Sizes are: 300mm wide by width /or length of table

Overlay - Square type - Sizes are 1m x 1m to 1,4m x 1,4m

This is a full drop table cloth - with branding done as a step and repeat pattern

This is a std black table cloth with a fully branded overlay

Box type table cloth - good use of design and the logos

Stretch Table cloth (Fully Branded) Fits Std Trestle Tables

Stretch Table Cloth

Top-Fit Table Cloth (Made from stretch Fabric) - Very good for windy conditions (Fits std Trestle Table Top)