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Telescopic Range

Telescopic's are the most popular type of flying banner, a great choice for outdoor branding. They offer the largest space for branding (rectangle branding space is the biggest of all flying banners). The top pole support, allows the flag to be visible at all times and not sag down. Works best in sets of 4 or more.

3,2m Telescopic with indoor base - Cross base is an extra option.

3,2m Single Sided Telescopic

3,2m Telescopic (Single sided)

Sizes: 2,2m | 3,2m | 4,2m

Set of 4,2m Telescopic's (sets of 6 or more create high visual impact)

Solid steel ground stakes are provided with every banner

Double-Sided Telescopic Flying Banners. This is 2,2m in size, with inner "block-out" fabric, so you can view both sides. 

Accessories & Options