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Banner Walls/Backdrops

The banner wall, also known as a media wall or a backdrop banner is very easy to use giant wall type banner for indoor use. It opens up in 3 seconds, creating an ideal backdrop for your TV interview table (the logos will be visible in the background) or for your product which is on display Design Tip: Keep your logos small in blocks, this way they will be seen in the TV interview.

Straight Banner Wall.

Sizes: 1,5m x 2,25m | 2,25 x 2,25 | 3m x 2.25m | 3,75m x 2,25m |  4.5m x 2.25m

Flat Banner Wall.

Sizes: 0,9m x 2m | 2,4m x 2.2m | 3mm x 2.2m

All Flat/Slim banner walls are double sided

Banner wall ktm

Curved Banner Wall with wings.

Sizes: 3m x 2.25m | 4.5m x 2.25m

This is an example of a combo curved banner wall and curved promotable. These two work very well together.

Box Type Banner wall - ends are closed to create a box effect on a Std 3m wide by 2,25m tall

Rear View of our Banner Walls- only metal hooks and clips are used (no plastic)