Hanging Banners are great visual tools as they allow you to use a larger format for your advertising message, then suspend them from the ceiling or hang them against a wall. These units work well and look great, they stand out!. They are very light and very easy to install. They look sophisticated and are the ideal alternative to low volume poster prints. They offer the flexibility to changing the print as often as wanted, just slide out, slide in new one. The visual impact of the large colour hanging banner is far greater than any paper based product. They can be used for a variety of marketing opportunities including: In Shopping Malls, General Office Complex’s, Events & Functions, Show Rooms, Stores, Medical Suites.

They are also ideal for company calanders. All Hanging Banners come with an aluminium top and bottom base frame. The have a handy clip on top ends which you can fix to the wall or use wire/gut to suspend from above. 




·         600mm

·         900mm

·         1200m

·         1500mm

·         1800

Height - The height can very up to 6m.


Print options:

·         Full colour Veyron Non Curl GT

·         Full colour Veyron PVC

·         Dye sublimated full colour canvas (material look and feel)


Tip: Suspend from the ceiling