A national flag is every country’s pride and joy.  The standard flag size is 1200x1800. As we use a dye sublimation print, any colours may be used. Each flag is sewn with webbing on the rope side, with two toggles, which are used to attach to the ropes on the flagpole.



·         STD flag - 1800mm x 1200mm

·         Storm flag (with stick to wave) - 900mm x 600mm

·         Hand held small waving flags - 45mm x 30mm

·         Corporate flag - 2000mm x 1000mm

·         Extra long corporate flag - 3000mm x 1200mm


Materials: Flags are made from durable Veyron Poly Flag Material, they are dye sublimated and are full colour. 


Tip: Do not get the design to close to the edge.