The banner wall, also known as a media wall or a backdrop banner is a very easy to use
giant wall type banner for indoor use. It opens up in 3 seconds, creating an ideal backdrop
for your interview table (the logos will be visible in the background) or for your product
which is on display

Design Tip: Keep your logos small in blocks, this way they will been seen on the TV interview


Deluxe type (Aluminium Frame construction)
· 2,25m x 2,25 m
· 3m x 2,25m
· 1,52m x 2,25m
· 3,75m x 2,25m
· 4,5m x 2,25m

· Deluxe carry bag with wheels
· Side wing set
· Spot lights
· Curved banner option

Courier Dimensions
85cm x 30cm x 30cm

Curve Banner Walls

Standard Curve Size is a 3mx2,25m (actual size is 3,8m x 2,25 to include end piece)

Note branding does wrap around so you need to allow for this in your design