The Arc Flag is a very tall curved shape flying banner. What makes this outdoor banner great is its sheer height, it towers up, standing tall with its pointed nose, which gives you extreme exposure. With an eye-catching design, 4 or 6 in a row, you cannot get more impact.

 Arc Flag Specs:

Small 2,4m

Medium 3,4m

Large 4,4m

(Note measurement of the flag system includes the ground stake - the fabric size is as per templates supplied)

Comes with handy carry bag and a ground spike

Aluminum pole system 

Extra Options: (These cost extra and are not included as standard items)

·         Indoor cross base with a 20L water bag

·         Deluxe ground peg with bearings

·         60 or 90 degree angle wall mounting bracket

·         4 pole peg to create a cluster system

·         Special clamp to mount poles onto sides of a gazebo

 Arc Flag Print Options:

·         Dye Sublimated full colour single sided print (this is the most popular) and is very cost effective. It allows you to achieve a 80-90% strike-through (see both sides)


Courier Dimensions

115cm x 16cm x 5cm


 Tip: Use this flag for a taller more visible outdoor flag banner, set up 5 or 6 in a row